M2O’s dedicated secondary team has decades of experience working at premier investment banks. Our deep industry knowledge and unparalleled market relationships give M2O an informed perspective, and our clients a competitive advantage, that has resulted in successful and efficient outcomes across all of our mandates.

Our secondary advisory business develops customized solutions designed to maximize results both for GPs seeking to recapitalize assets, realign economic incentives and create liquidity solutions for their investors, and for LPs seeking to monetize or rebalance a portfolio of private equity investments.

For Our GP Clients

For our GP clients, the secondary market represents an opportunity to recalibrate and extend economic opportunities, all while navigating conflicts of interest. Our advice is informed by our primary fundraising backgrounds, and our perspective on the importance of the GP-LP relationship, as we seek to create fair solutions that result in long-term success by evaluating counterparty objectives, promoting transparency and designing tailor-made solutions that optimize outcomes.

GP-Led Solutions

Continuation Funds and Fund Restructurings

Transferring high quality, mid-fund life assets, or a portfolio of tail-end assets to an affiliate vehicle a GP continues to manage

Replacement Capital Solutions

Replacing non-supportive LPs through a secondary transaction involving legacy LP interests with a staple commitment into a new fund

Support Capital Solutions

Raising fresh capital at an asset or fund level to support current and future growth initiatives

Spin-Outs and Spin-Ins

Selling a portfolio of assets in a spin-out or spin-in transaction designed to establish a new firm or new platform in an existing organization

Portfolio Company Shareholder Liquidity Solutions

Acquiring additional equity interests in an existing platform company from unaffiliated shareholders to increase a GPs AUM

Strip Sales

Selling a strip of equity interests in a portfolio of assets to rebalance exposure and/or improve DPI

For Our LP Clients

For our LP clients, M2O is led by seasoned industry veterans who are no longer bound by the mandate restrictions of large-scale investment banking platforms. Every mandate is important to us, regardless of size, and our reputation as one of the most thoughtful and active advisors in the market continues to produce successful outcomes for our clients.

LP-Led Solutions

Outright Sale

Selling single LP interests or a portfolio of LP interests

Strip Sale

Selling a strip of LP interests in a transaction designed to rebalance exposure and/or generate accelerated liquidity

Securitizations or Recapitalizations

Raising capital through a structured transaction solution designed to accelerate liquidity, while also retaining upside

JV Solutions

Identifying a JV partner to raise cash, retain upside and relieve the administrative burden of continuing to manage a portfolio of LP interests

Working with Investors Like You

We have worked with a wide profile of investors, ranging from GPs to endowments, foundations, pension plans, consultants, fund of funds, insurance companies, asset managers and family offices. Learn more about our past engagements.

Meet Our Secondary Team

Our senior team takes an active role in every engagement. Our clients choose us for our experience, creativity and thoughtful advice that pervades every mandate we take on.